Ararat (Palas x Arra/Bandos) – 29 years old!


Ararat in 2011

One of my favorite mares in the 1980´s was the amazing Arra (Bandos x Arba/Comet), Triple Crown winner (Derby, Oaks and Criteriewinner) as well as 1983 European Champion Mare and 1986 Polish National Champion Mare, a fleabitten mare with huge black eyes, a beautiful head with a great neck and lot of charisma – a classical Polish mare that showed that a beautiful horse also could do well in racing/performance. Continue reading “Ararat (Palas x Arra/Bandos) – 29 years old!”

Monogramm – the living legend


In 1993 when I visited Michalów State Stud I was thrilled to see the stallion everyone was talking about – a great moving chestnut stallion that totally impressed me with his sweet disposition but yet powerful approach when he started to move. This soon to be legendary stallion was the one and only Monogramm by Negatraz (Bask x Negotka/Negatiw) out of Monogramma (Knippel x Monopolia/Priboj), bred by Patterson Arabians and owned by the Bishop family in USA. I cherish the memory when I walked into his stall and he turned his beautiful head to me and from then I was a totally in love with this amazing stallion. Continue reading “Monogramm – the living legend”

Happy Birthday Pianissima!



I remember after the 2004 Polish National Show (which was when the WAHO-conference was held in Poland), everyone talked about the bay filly that was so spectacular and so perfect that no one ever seen anyone like that. Her name was… Pianissima. Of course she was named Polish National Junior Champion and Best in Show and everyone that saw her knew that they just witnessed the beginning of an impressive career. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Pianissima!”

Estarda (Gadir x Estancja/Palas) – the fairytale horse


There are some horses that make a huge impression on you and they will always be with you. Emandoria, Pianissima, Etruria, Emigrantka and Algeria are some of the mares I have met that blew me away. All of those amazing mares have also impressed lots of other people around the world and they are all with us through their offspring and their descendants. But not all the amazing horses have the chance to show the world what they are able to do and one of those truly spectacular mares was born at Michalów State Stud in 1990… This grey filly was something really special with a head so extreme that I never had seen anything like it before. Continue reading “Estarda (Gadir x Estancja/Palas) – the fairytale horse”