HK Krystall and Joanna Kale

HK Krystall (LD Pistal x Lisa Mine/RD Ariel) at Bialka Stud in Poland
HK Krystall (LD Pistal x Lisa Mine/RD Ariel) at Bialka Stud in Poland

One of my biggest joy in life is to meet new people and especially when you find people that you know crossed your path for a reason and that they will be an important part of your life. Of course you will meet people that will hurt or use you, that will test you or teach you things. But the important people are the ones that brings out the best in you and those are very precious and worth keeping on to. Continue reading “HK Krystall and Joanna Kale”

The success of a great breeding program

Cefir (Eryks x Celina/Metropolis NA) 2015 Polish National Gold Champion Stallion
Cefir (Eryks x Celina/Metropolis NA) 2015 Polish National Gold Champion Stallion

At the Polish National Show in 2015 Bialka Stud farm had a huge success with Cefir and Celita when they brought home the Gold and Bronze Champion title respectively. But the success is so much bigger knowing the history of this dam family and how close to extinction it has been. But Bialka and breeding manager Renata Kurzyńska have not only saved this family, today the family is well represented at the farm and very successful. Continue reading “The success of a great breeding program”

Pride of Poland – the great mares of the Gazella db- family

21-year old Georgia at Michalow, July 2015
21-year old Georgia (Monogramm x Gizela/Palas) at Michalow, July 2015

During the Arabian Insights Breeders Tour we studied in depth the importance of dam families and our participants got to see generations of mares and fillies at the three State Studs. For me the importance of the dam family is extremely high when I pick out a mare for breeding and we all have our favorite families. It might be economical impossible for a breeder to pick out a Pistoria or a Pepita at this years auction but with knowledge of the pedigrees and the mares offered you can find the mare that will be perfect for your breeding program. I want to share some photos and information about this years sale horses and I start with family I – Gazella db. Continue reading “Pride of Poland – the great mares of the Gazella db- family”

TBT – Precious memories to cherish


My first visit to Poland was in September 1989 and I attended the 11th Polish National Show. The Champion Stallion was Janów Podlaski´s Pepton (Bandos-Pemba/Czort), the great race stallion and previous 1983 and 1984 Polish National Reserve Champion Stallion. Pepton is here pictured in the Championships with Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka holding the trophy. A wonderful day at Janów Podlaski with amazing people and beautiful horses… what more could I wish for.. great memories that I will cherish forever…

Palestra (Penitent-Patera) 1986-2015

Palestra at the Polish National Show
Palestra at the Polish National Show

On the 24th of January 1986 a grey filly was born at Michalow Stud and she was given the name Palestra. She was a daughter of 1985 Polish National Champion Stallion and 1987 European Champion Stallion Penitent (Partner-Penza) and out of the Bandos-daughter Patera (out Platyna/Czardasz). She would turn out to be the best daughter kept in Polish breeding of her charismatic sire. Although Palestra´s dam Patera and granddam Platyna both had good race records (Patera raced 2 seasons with 11 starts – 1xI, 4xIII, 1xI and Platyna raced 16 times during 2 seasons – 3xI, 3xII, 4xIII, 3xIV), Palestra never raced before she was put into breeding. Continue reading “Palestra (Penitent-Patera) 1986-2015”

TBT – Wiewiorka, the Swedish-bred daughter of the great Edjora

Wiewiorka (Espartero-Edjora/Exelsjor) and her 1976 filly Wierzba by Erystawi. Photo: Axelsson

Throwback Thursday…

Without doubt the most world-wide influential Swedish-bred mare exported to USA has been Edjora, the dam of 1982 US National Champion Mare Kajora (by Kaborr) and granddam of World Champion Stallion Gazal Al Shaqab (by Anaza El Farid). Edjora was a great producer in USA, but not everyone know that before she was exported in 1972 she left one daughter in Sweden by the Swedish National Champion Stallion Espartero (Nabor-Ela) and this only daughter created her own dynasty… Continue reading “TBT – Wiewiorka, the Swedish-bred daughter of the great Edjora”