by Ciemny (Grojor x Ciotka/Essaul)
out of Exessa (Exelsjor x Edessa/Pietuszok)
Grey mare, 1994-1997
Bred by: Wilkesbacka Arabians
Owned by: Anette Mattsson

Exelca’s sire was Ciemny, a son of the Exelsjor-son Grojor (out of Grobla/El Trypoli) and out of Ciotka (Essaul x Cisawica). Exelca´s dam Exessa is a daughter of Exelsjor making Exelca linebred to this legendary stallion. Exessa´s dam is the Janów Podlaski-bred Edessa (Pietuszok x Ellora) and Exessa is a fullsister to Edjora, the dam of US National Champion Mare Kajora – the dam of the great Gazal Al Shaqab. Exessa has been a valuable mare in Swedish Arab Horse Breeding and can be found in many Swedish pedigrees. Edjora was exported to USA after only leaving one foal – the daughter Wiewiorka (by Espartero), but her descendants has been very successful.

Unfortunately Exelca had to be put down in 1997 due to an injury out in pasture. With her very correct conformation, impressive pedigree and great legacy I am sure that she would have been a great brood mare.

Sire line: Ilderim d.b. 1894, imp. 1900 Sławuta

Dam line: Wołoszka 1810, b. Sławuta

 1981 grey Axelsson 
 1967 grey Uhlén 
 1963 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1951 grey Klemensów
 1944 bay Janów Podlaski
 1962 chestnut Michalów
 El Trypoli
 1957 bay Nowy Dwór
 1952 grey Klemensów
 1969 grey Uhlén
 1963 grey Michalów
 1953 grey Nowy Dwór
 1951 grey Klemensów
 1961 grey Albigowa
 1954 grey Michalów
 1949 grey Nowy Dwór
 1970 chestnut Axelsson
 1963 grey Janów Podlaski
 1951 grey Klemensów 
 1931 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1940 grey Wodzislaw 
 1944 bay Janów Podlaski 
 1938 bay Janów Podlaski 
 1937 bay Zabawa 
 1961 bay Albigowa 
 1954 bay Tersk 
 1944 chestnut Tersk 
 1943 bay Tersk 
 1950 bay Albigowa 
 1938 bay Janów Podlaski 
 1942 bay Ujazd