8  March 2024

New photos taken of Calima (Marwan x Calma/Ecaho), Shapala (Marwan x Sharda/Ganges), Chayla (Poter x Chaya/Nader Al Shaqab) and Giulia (Marwan x Gazqoria/Equator). When we were done we brought out a dirty Poter (Ecaho x Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab) and got some new photos of him as well.


20  February 2024

Happy horses in the snow

February 2024

Today our wonderful veterinarian was here and gelded Santino and El Marwan 


December 2023

The boys were let out to run and play in the summer pasture today, needless to say they LOVED it! More photos on their own pages – Santino and El Marwan

19  November 2023

New photos of Shadi (Poter x Sharda/Ganges) in the snow

31  October 2023

We got our first snow today and I got some photos of some happy horses


11  August 2023

More photos of Santino and El Marwan taken this morning when they got out to their pastures with their heifer friends <3

September 2023

New photos of our yearling colts Santino (Marwan x Silencia/Ecaho) and El Marwan (Marwan x Espinoza/Marwan Al Shaqab)

11  August 2023

Today darling Celina (Marwan x Calma/Ecaho) left for her new future with her new owner Anne Cahling. We wish them all the best and we are so happy that she settled in perfectly and love her new friend Sauron “Zorro” (Ecaho x Salmira/Premier).

August 2023

Video of Poter (Ecaho x Pinga) and Erik during our Open House. Video made by Charlotte Björge

August 2023

We had a wonderful Open House despite rainy weather and about 40 people came to join us and see our horses. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a lovely day and we loved having you here! And a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us making this day possible!



31  May 2023

Last foal of the season and the only colt this year was born in the early hours of the 31th of May. It was my beloved Sharda (Ganges x Salaterka/Elton) who delivered a strong, powerful colt named Shadi sired by Poter (Ecaho x Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab)


28  May 2023

This morning beautiful Espinoza (Marwan Al Shaqab x Estetica/L.M. Limaal) gave birth to a gorgeous filly named Ezpira by Poter (Ecaho x Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab). Ezpira is bred and owned by us together with the owner of Espinoza, Kristina Lindfors of Arvak Nord


25  May 2023

At 00.50 wonderful Chaya (Nader Al Shaqab x Confidentia/Lekier) gave birth to an adorable grey filly named Claara by Poter (Ecaho x Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab). Claara is a full sister to Chayla


15  May 2023

Today our wonderful veterinarian Tommaso Savino – Tommaso Savino Hästpraktik AB – was here and x-rayed stifles on all our youngsters 1-3 years old. All of them were found clear of cysts and other degeneracies 🙂

The horses x-rayed were:
Shamira (Ecaho x Sharda/Ganges)
Calima (Marwan x Calma/Ecaho)
Giulia (Marwan x Gazqoria/Equator)
Santino (Marwan x Silencia/Ecaho)
Celina (Marwan x Calma/Ecaho)
El Marwan (Marwan x Espinoza/Marwan Al Shaqab)
Shapala (Marwan x Sharda/Ganges)
Chayla (Poter x Chaya/Nader Al Shaqab)










14  May 2023

Happy cows and calves were let out to summer pasture today!

12  May 2023

We are happy to invite everyone to our Open House on Saturday 5th of Augustn at 13.00. Please RVSP before the 3rd of August so we know that you are coming! Welcome!





































11 May 2023

Poter is now tested for LFS (Lavender Foal Syndrome) and OAAM (Occipitoatlantoaxial Malformation) and he is N/N (non-carrier) for both genes.  Poter is already tested for SCID and CA and he is N/N (non-carrier) for them as well.

Poter UCDavis


29 April 2023

Today our beloved Saga z Bialeckiej Ostoi did her MH-test and she did great together with Erik. I am so proud of them! Unfortunately I was stuck at home with terrible back pain.








21 April 2023

Our last calf for this season was born last night and we are happy and blessed with 11 adorable calves – 6 bulls and 5 heifers. Cuteness overload <3

11 April 2023

We have had two busy days – in less than 48 hours we got two calves and two foals. First out – 15 days before due date – Calma delivered a feminine, grey filly named Caecilia (by Marwan) and 12 hours later Gazqoria gave birth to a powerful, stunning bay filly named Gabriella (by Poter). We are over the moon with these newborns and now we will have 1,5 month before next foal is expected.

13 March 2023

The first foal of the season was born at 15.04 today and we are so happy to welcome the adorable grey filly Silje (Marwan x Silencia) to the world!

1 March 2023

Today it is Ecaho´s birthday and he would have been 33 years old. He is forever missed and always in my heart and I am blessed to have his offspring Poter, Silencia, Calma and Shamira at the farm.


31 July 2022

Poter (Ecaho x Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab) made his showdebut yesterday and was named Swedish National Junior Bronze Champion!
This was the first time he left our farm since he arrived in April 2021 from Janów Podlaski and he was such a good boy! He have had a lot of impressions during the weekend and was shown beautiful by the very talented Yacine Molay Gholami who gave Poter an excellent first impression of a show ring and the best experience possible. He could not have had a better start and I am forever grateful for that!
Thank you Yacine and Sarah – team Bränninge Arabian Stud – for all help and excellent care of Poter during the show – he was happy and calm, he looked great in the show ring and I felt so safe having him in your care while being in the ring photographing! Thank you Pekka for your help bringing Poter to the ring and standing with him sweating in the bright sun 🥵 A big thank you to everyone who cheered for Poter, it means so much to me! And a huge thank you to Rosella and Anton for taking care of the farm so we could go!
We arrived home Saturday evening and I had a very happy Poter who walked off the lorry and out in his pasture, greeting his mares and relaxing in the sunset 🥰

30 May 2022

Today Poter´s firstborn saw the light of day and we are thrilled to present this stunning grey filly named Chayla. She is out of beautiful Chaya (Nader Al Shaqab x Confidentia), bred and owned by Kullatorp Arabian Stud. We are so grateful to have Chaya on lease and little Chayla is everything we ever wished for!


15 May 2022

I am so proud to welcome Shapala by Marwan out of Sharda, a beautiful bay filly who looks just like grandma Salaterka when she was born. Shapala is 3rd generation of my breeding program and she is named after my foundation mare, her great granddam Sapala (Cadyk x Saldara/Dardir). I am so in love with this little girl!

9 May 2022

We have stunning Espinoza on lease from Arvak Nord and we were hoping for a filly by Marwan. On the 9th of May she gave birth to a bay colt and when a colt look like him it is not a bad thing to get a colt, he is amazing and we named him El Marwan.

6 May 2022

Today we said goodbye to Gianniz when he left to his new owner Sylvia Ziegler. We wish them best of luck together!








28 April 2022

This morning our last calf for this season was born 🥰 The result this year is 3 bulls and 3 heifers, they are all adorable and we are so happy 💕


19 April 2022

We have beautiful Calma on lease from Kullatorp Arabian Stud and she gave us the wonderful filly Calima (by Marwan) last year. On the 19th of April Calma blessed us with a full-sister to Calima, a feminine filly we named Celina.

4 April 2022

Silencia had a bay charismatic colt by Marwan on the 4th of April. He is a spitting image of his dad and he is named Santino.

23 March 2022

We welcome our first foal this season – a longlegged, feminine chestnut filly by Marwan out of Gazqoria. Our showy princess is named Giulia.

24 December 2021

We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!









14 December 2021

Today we had some fun in the snow with Poter and he loved it, visit his page to see the photos


12 December 2021

Today we said goodbye and good luck to another of our colts, at the end of October Sawino (Marwan x Silencia/Ecaho) left for his new owner Malin Matikainen, a week ago Chay (Marwan x Chaya/Nader Al Shaqab) left to his new owners Magnus and Pekka Blomander and today Shaman K (Magic Magnifique x Espinoza/Marwan Al Shaqab) left to his new owner Pia Wahlqvist. We wish all of you best of luck with these wonderful boys! We are so happy to have found such great new owners for our young boys!


23 October 2021

We have had a very intense year so far and a lot of news to share. We were blessed with 4 very nice foals by Marwan (CE Magnum x Margotka/Algorytm):

Gianniz bay colt born 15 March out of Gazqoria (Equator x Gazira/Eldon)

Sawino grey colt born 29 March out of Silencia (Ecaho x Salaterka/Elton)

Calima grey filly born 11 April out of Calma (Ecaho x Calisia/Eukaliptus)

Chay grey colt born 5 June out of Chaya (Nader Al Shaqab x Confidentia/Lekier)

In March we were lucky to get the opportunity to buy a promising son of our beloved Ecaho and in April we were excited to welcome Poter (Ecaho x Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab) to Bergsveden. He is amazing and we can not wait to see what the future will bring to this genetic treasure!

Breeding season has come to an end and we are expecting 6 foals in 2022:

Marwan x Silencia/Ecaho

Marwan x Gazqoria/Equator

Marwan x Calma/Ecaho

Marwan x Sharda/Ganges

Marwan x Espinoza/Marwan Al Shaqab

Poter x Chaya/Nader Al Shaqab

So far we have sold 3 horses this year and we congratulate the new owners of Sawino (Marwan x Silencia), Epo of Sinus (Pomian x Ernera) and Chay (Marwan x Chaya)! We have Gianniz (Marwan x Gazqoria/Equator) for sale as well as Shaman (Magic Magnifique x Espinoza/Marwan Al Shaqab) for a client



31 January 2021

We had the first 2021 foal born and it is a stunning bay colt by Magic Magnifique (True Colours x Magic Mon Amour/Windsprees Mirage) and out of the beautiful Espinoza (Marwan Al Shaqab x Estetica/LM Limaal).

We congratulate the lucky breeder and owner Ead Akriem!

15 JulySharda and her 2020 filly Shamira by Ecaho 2020

Welcome to the updated version of my website!

A lot has happened the last year as Erik and I bought our farm in May 2019 and since then we have added a lot of animals to the farm including new horses, beef cattle and the cutest group of cats.
We have added some more mares to join Sharda and Silencia in our breeding program by buying the great moving bay Gazqoria (Equator x Gazira/Eldon) from Sinus Arabian Stud and we have two amazing white beauties on lease from Kullatorp Arabian Stud – Calma (Ecaho x Calisia/Eukaliptus) and Chaya (Nader Al Shaqab x Confidentia/Lekier). We also bought the gelding Epo of Sinus (Pomian x Ernera/Monogramm) from Sinus and then we have the huge honor to stand the great stallion Marwan (CE Magnum x Margotka/Algorytm), bred and owned by Blommeröd Arabian Stud. So a lot is happening here!
On the 17th of May Sharda (Ganges x Salaterka/Elton) had her first foal, a stunning filly by Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria/Palas) named Shamira.