By Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria/Palas)
Out of Salaterka (Elton x Sapala/Cadyk)
Grey mare, 2009
Bred and owned by: Anette Mattsson

When Silencia’s dam Salaterka was born I knew that I would love to breed her to one of the young stallions in Poland, the 1995 Polish National Champion Stallion Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria), a stallion with a great charisma and beauty and out of one of our times most amazing mares – Etruria. I also was convinced that Salaterka with her breeding would produce great with a stallion of the Ibrahim-line which would make Ecaho perfect. It would take me 11 years before I finally could make the dream come through and 12 years before I saw the result. When I helped Silencia into this world and my friend who was outside the stall asked if it was a colt or a filly I just couldn’t get a word out except “good girl, you are such a great girl Salaterka”. The filly – yes, it was a filly! – was AMAZING with a head that was unbelievable and a strong body and a super long neck. My feeling had been totally right – this was a perfect combination!

Silencia’s sire Ecaho is by the Race Horse of the Year Pepton (Bandos x Pemba) who also was the 1989 Polish National Champion Stallion. Ecaho´s dam Etruria (Palas x Etna) was Director Krzystalowicz´s favourite mare and she has won all that is worth winning, World Champion, European Champion, Polish National Champion and she was awarded with the first WAHO trophy ever in Poland for her amazing achievements in the showring but foremost as a broodmare.

Salaterka’s sire Elton (Etnograf x Elizbieta) was the Arabian of the Year in Harness Driving in 1998. His sire Etnograf is a son of the European Champion Engano (Eleuzis x Engracja) and out of the legendary mare Etna (Faher x Elzunia). Etna is the dam of the great stallions Etiw, Etan, Etap, Eternit and Etnograf as well as the mares Etruria – World, European and Polish Champion Mare and Equitana – Polish National Junior Champion Mare.

Elton’s dam Elizbieta is a daughter of Cadyk (El Paso x Cumparsita) and her dam is the beautiful Emir Said-daughter Ellenora. Emir Said (Ali Said x Eleonora) was one of the circus stallions that Erik Erlandsson importerd to Sweden. Ellenora is line-bred to the great Eleonora (Witraz x Zmora) as her dam Ex Diara is a daughter of Exelsjor (Aquinor x Eleonora). Ex Diara´s dam Diara Mokka (Wielki Szlem x Mokdiara) was the first Swedish National Champion Mare in 1964 when Exelsjor was named Swedish National Champion Stallion.

Salaterka’s dam Sapala (Cadyk x Saldara) was bred by Beit El Kheil Arabians and I chose her to be my foundation . Saldara has been a great producer of 10 fillies and 3 colts including Swedish National Junior Champion Filly Saleta and Swedish National Reserve Junior Champion Colt Sargasso.

Silencia breeding record:

2014      bay colt       Savitri        by Ganges
2021      grey colt     Sawino      by Marwan
2022     bay colt       Santino     by Marwan

Sire line: Ibrahim d.b. 1899, b. Obdurahm Abdullah, imp. 1907 Antoniny

Dam line: Milordka ~1810, b. Sławuta

 1990 grey Janów Podlaski
 1977 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1964 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1945 grey Tersk
 1948 grey Janów Podlaski
 1964 bay Janów Podlaski
 1949 bay Nowy Dwór
 1959 grey Albigowa
 1975 grey Janów Podlaski
 1968 grey Tersk
 1958 grey El Zahraa
 1960 grey Tersk
 1959 grey Albigowa
 1953 grey Albigowa
 1951 bay Albigowa
 1997 bay Mattsson
 1989 grey SalEx
 1977 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1970 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1959 grey Albigowa 
 1984 bay Erlandsson 
 1973 bay Michalów
 1974 bay Erlandsson 
 1984 bay Beit El Kheil 
 1973 bay Michalów 
 El Paso 
 1967 bay Janów Podlaski 
 1960 grey Michalów 
 1980 chestnut Blommeröd 
 1959 grey Michalów
 1976 grey Blommeröd