by El Paso (Czort x Ellora/Witraz)
out of Cumparsita (Gwarny x Carmen/Trypolis)
Bay stallion, 1973
Bred by: Michalów, Poland

Cadyk was a bay son of El Paso – 1976 US National Champion Stallion. El   Paso is also the sire of Wizja – 1977 US National Champion Mare; Europejczyk – Polish Race Horse of the Year and 1988 Polish National Champion Stallion and Etogram – 1994 Polish National Champion Stallion, 1994 Babolna International Champion Stallion, 1996 Norwegian and Swedish National Champion Stallion.El Paso was the best son of Czort, the most widely used son of Wielki Szlem (Ofir x Elegantka). Czort was himself a great racehorse with 19 races during 4 seasons, placed first 13 times and second 6 times including winner twice of the Kriterium and second placed in the Derby. El Paso raced for two seasons also with 19 starts (3-3-3-3) and even though he was not as great racehorse as his sire, his fullbrother Elfur won the Derby and El Paso sired several great race horses as Europejczyk (unbeaten at the racetrack, winner of Derby and Kriterium), Filar and Faser. El Paso´s dam was the legendary Ellora (Witraz x Elza), the dam of El Azrak (the sire of Banat), Edessa (the dam of Edjora, granddam of Gazal Al Shaqab), Eliza (dam of stallions Elef and Elimar), Elewacja (first Polish National Champion Mare in 1979), Elektra (dam of the stallion El Ghazi) and the stallion Ellorus.

Lasma Arabians in USA wanted to buy El Paso when he returned from the racetrack but the Poles knew his value and said that he was not for sale at any price, and thus the legend of El Paso “the horse that money could not buy” was created. Lasma did however manage to lease him for a period of three years, 1976-1978, during this time he was named Scottsdale and US National Champion Stallion. His daughter Wizja (out of Warmia/Comet) was also leased by Lasma and she was named US National Champion Mare in 1977.

Cadyk´s dam Cumparsita is by Gwarny out of Carmen, the dam of the legendary Comet. Cadyk raced for six years at the racetrack in Warsaw before he was imported to Sweden. He was shown here four times with four class-wins, four Gold medal and three Championships including 1983 Swedish National Champion Stallion. Cadyk was exported to USA in 1983 together with his daughter El Mokka after just two breeding seasons.

Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi d.b. 1923, b. Khalef el Aouad, imp. 1931 Gumniska

Dam line: Gazella d.b. ~1840, b. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce

 El Paso
 1967 bay Janów Podlaski 
 1949 bay Nowy Dwór 
 Wielki Szlem
 1938 bay Janów Podlaski  
 1933 bay Janów Podlaski
 1923 bay Janów Podlaski
 1943 dbrown Gumniska
 Kuhailan Abu Urkub
 1935 bay Babolna
 1931 chestnut Gumniska
 1950 bay Albigowa
 1938 bay Janów Podlaski
 1933 bay Janów Podlaski
 1931 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1942 bay Ujazd
 Rasim Pierwszy
 1937 bay Ujazd
 1938 grey Ujazd
 1960 grey Michalów
 1953 grey Klemensów
 Amurath Sahib
 1932 grey Breniów 
 Amurath II
 1907 bay Radautz
 1924 grey Breniów
 1946 bay Janów Podlaski  
 Wielki Szlem
 1938 bay Janów Podlaski
 1942 bay Janów Podlaski
 1942 grey Janów Podlaski 
 1937 grey Janów Podlaski  
 Enwer Bey
 1923 grey Janów Podlaski  
 1929 bay Janów Podlaski  
 19XX colour Arabian Stud 
 1933 bay Janów Podlaski  
 Jaskolka II
 1928 bay Janów Podlaski