Happy Birthday Ganges 20 years!



Some horses will make an impression on you that will last a lifetime and for me that horse is Ganges. For me he is an example of the perfect stallion – he won at the Racetrack, he won in performance and he won in the showring. He has the greatest disposition and he is strong and correct. All those features are great, but even greater is that his offspring inherit those features, over and over and over again. And for me, THAT is the proof of a great stallion, a stallion that will matter for the breed and that will be remembered not only by people like myself that love them for who they are, but also by breeders in the future that will value them for what they have passed on and for bringing the breed forward. And Ganges is definitely one of those. 20 years ago, on the 6th of April 1994, this wonderful stallion was born at Michalów stud in Poland and today we celebrate his 20th Birthday. Happy Birthday beautiful boy! Continue reading “Happy Birthday Ganges 20 years!”