Monogramm – the living legend


In 1993 when I visited Michalów State Stud I was thrilled to see the stallion everyone was talking about – a great moving chestnut stallion that totally impressed me with his sweet disposition but yet powerful approach when he started to move. This soon to be legendary stallion was the one and only Monogramm by Negatraz (Bask x Negotka/Negatiw) out of Monogramma (Knippel x Monopolia/Priboj), bred by Patterson Arabians and owned by the Bishop family in USA. I cherish the memory when I walked into his stall and he turned his beautiful head to me and from then I was a totally in love with this amazing stallion.


Director Ignacy Jawarowski believed a lot in Monogramm and bred most of the mares to him and the foal crop of 1994 were nothing less than spectacular. The impact of Monogramm in Poland has been immense and two of his great sons are still standing at

Monogramm2Michalów, the bay Ganges (out of Garonna by Fanatyk) and the grey Ekstern (out of Ernestyna by Piechur). Both are from the first foal crop and other famous horses born in that year were the stallions Kordelas (out of Kabala/Palas), Premier (out of Premiera/Piechur), Fernando (out of Frejlina/Pepton), El Mundo (out of Emigrantka/Eukaliptus) and Norman (out of WN Nastasea/Nabor) as well as the mares Demona (out of Dalida/Probat), Ekscella (out of Estancja/Palas), Eskalopka (out of Egzotyka/Probat), Etenta (out of Emigracja/Palas), Georgia (out of Gizela/Palas), Palestyna (out of Palestyna/Penitent) and Zagrobla (out of Zguba/Enrilo).


The year after more great foals were born including the future breeding stallions Debowiec (out of Debowka/Eternit), Emfatyk (out of Emiliana/Gadir), Empres (out of Empressa/Probat), Erbil (out of Esklawa/Eukaliptus), Furiat (out of Furora/Pepton) and Western (out of Wilejka/El Paso) and the daughters Egzonera (out of Egzotyka/Probat), Monogramm7282Elandra (out of Erlanda/Eukaliptus), Embra (out of Emilda/Pamir), Emocja (out of Emigracja/Palas), Fallada (out of Fanaberia/Probat), Gehenna (out of Gizela/Palas), Gracja-Bis (out of Grenada/Set), Kwestura (out of Kwesta/Pesennik) and Palmira (out of Palestra/Penitent). After Monogramm went back home to the Bishop family he was used in Poland through frozen semen and had 8 offspring in 1996 and 4 each in 1997 and 1998. Epadrilla 1997 (out of Emanacja/Eukaliptus), Zmowa 1997 (out of Zguba/Enrilo), Emmona 1998 (out of Emilda/Pamir), Empiryka 1998 (out of Emanacja/Eukaliptus) were some of the great daughters born during those years.


The impact of Monogramm has been so huge through both his sons and daughters. They have been successful as showhorses as well as in breeding, and they are still winning today although that they are getting close to 20 years old. His get has been awarded with the World Champion title 5 times (Emmona, Kwestura x 2, Zagrobla and Ekstern), European Champion 3 times (Kwestura, Eskalopka and Ekstern), All Nations Cup Champion 4 times (Kwestura, Palmira, Zagrobla and Ekstern), US National Champion twice (Kwestura and Zagrobla), Canadian National Champion 1 time (Fallada) and Polish National Champion 8 times (Emmona, Kwestura, Palmira, Ganges, Ekscella, Ekstern x 2, Furiat and Erbil) with 2 Best in Show (Emmona and Palmira).


Helene Zaleski, Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, Anette Mattsson and Monogramm 

Since I met Monogramm in Poland in 1993 I have wanted to meet him again but it was not until 20 years later that the opportunity came to visit the Bishop´s and to meet Monogramm as well as his beautiful son Concensus (out of Opalesce/Bandos). With me on my roadtrip in California was a person very special for Monogramm and instrumental in getting him to Poland – Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka – and the last time she met him was also during his time in Poland so it was a very emotional meeting for all of us. We were honoured to see him out loose and he put on a true Monogramm-show and it was a moment I will carry with me forever. Thank you Shilo and Meredith for an amazing time with you and your horses! Monogramm is such a gift to the breed and I can not imagine what Polish breeding would be without him.


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  1. Monogramm’s influence is still felt today. He was truly one of the most important polish stallions in the Arabian world. How fortunate some people were who got to experience him in person.

  2. His offspring is far more successful than stated in this article. His son Annapolis has a substantial number of US National Championships, US Reserve National Championships, and Canadian titles. I think all of these titles were all earned with junior riders as well. Very nice stallion that will carry the Monogramm legacy into the future 🙂

  3. I have a lovely daughter of his in Australia imp from USA and she has given me 7 beautiful fillies and 1 outstanding colt so even his daughters breed on

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