Desperado V (Huckleberry Bey x Daraska) Feb 23 1986 – Jan 13 2014


I just received the sad message that the legendary stallion Desperado V passed away today on the 13th of  January 2014 at the age of 28. My thoughts are with Sheila Varian and everyone at Varian Arabians in this sad time,  it is a huge loss for everyone who knew him.


Desperado V was born at the 23rd of February 1986 and he was a son of Huckleberry Bey (Bay El Bey x Taffona/Raffon), making Desperado V the forth generation of stallions at Varian starting with Bay El Bey´s sire Bay-Abi (Errabi x Angyl/Raseyn). Bay El Bey was out of the Polish-bred mare Naganka (Bad Afas x Najada/Fetysz).


Desperado V was out of the mare Daraska, a daughter of Dar by Comet (Abu Afas x Carmen/Trypolis) out of Darda (Amurath Sahib x Brda/Mersuch II). Dar was bred by Michalów Stud in Poland and was sold to Clay and Struck, USA, in 1957 who later sold him to Patterson Arabians. Dar´s dam Darda was also the dam of Triple Crown Champion (Scottsdale, Canadian National and US National Champion Mare) Dornaba and European and Swedish Champion Stallion Dardir, both by Nabor.


Daraska was born in 1976 and she was bred by the famous Mekeel Ranch. Her dam Holly Bask was by Bask (Witraz x Balalajka/Amurath Sahib) out of Hayley by the black stallion Hallany Mistanny (Zarife x Roda/Mansour), a stallion of straight Egyptian bloodlines. Hayley´s dam Ghazna was foaled in 1943 by Chepe Noyon (Kolastra x Guemura/Segario) out of Ginnyya (Bazleyd x Gharifet/Rizvan).


I was lucky enough to meet Desperado V for a last time in April 2013 when I visited Sheila with my dear friends Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka and Helene Zaleski. It was a memorable visit as it was 21 years since Izabella´s last visit at Varian Arabians when Desperado was 8 years old. It was very touching to see him at age 27 come prancing with a spark in his eye, full of life and so proud. The photos of him with Sheila and Izabella are some I will forever cherish.


Desperado V sired more than 900 foals and they have been very successful in both halter and performance. He was himself a great performance horse and a beloved friend to Sheila. Desperado V has made a huge impact on the breed and he will forever be with us through his offspring and descendants. Thank you Desperado V for your great contribution to the breed, you will be missed!


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